Adobe CS3 on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

So, I got Lion at work and was going through the process of installing all my work programs including Adobe Creative Suite 3 (CS3). The install finished without any problems. However, when I tried to update it the Adobe Updater returned immediately saying that there weren't any updates.

Now, I know this isn't true because the last time I installed CS3 it had about 500MB of updates! It turns out that CS3 has reached end-of-life and you can't run the installer anymore. That is, unless you set your clock back to a time before July of 2011.

Problem 1 Solved: set my clock back to January of 2011 and the updater found all the updates it needed.

Near the end of the updates installing I got the message that you see in the image above, "You can't open the application bspatch because PowerPC applications are no longer supported."

To make a long story short, follow these instructions posted by Sergio-PL

1) Open terminal (as user)

2) Type: whereis bspatch

3) Note the location of file (ie. /usr/bin/bspatch )

4) Create directory temp somewhere in your system

5) Download 13.0.1 (and next updates) from Adobe website

6) Mount DMG file

7) In terminal – go to your temp directory (ie. cd /Users/username/temp )

8) Copy to the temp directory ( cp -R /Volumes/PatcherApplication/ . ) <– dot at the end is _important_

9) Go to the Adobe's bspatch file location (cd )

10) Delete bspatch file ( rm -f bspatch )

11) Create symbolic link to the OS X version ( ln -s /usr/bin/bspatch bspatch )

12) Type ls -l to list files. There should be one line looking like this: lrwxr-xr-x 1 sergio staff 16 21 sie 01:17 bspatch -> /usr/bin/bspatch )

13) Go back to Finder, enter your Temp directory and run Illustrator should update without any problems

14) Repeat those steps for all futher Illustrator updates

Problem 2 solved: make symbolic links to bspatch in the Illustrator patch app.


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