Astaro and FrontPage Extensions Workaround-Workaround

I just posted response and question about the Astaro Security Gateway and Frontpage Server Extensions to the forum…

"We were having this problem too. We have a web server behind and Astaro Security Gateway that has FrontPage Extensions installed on it. A customer was trying to update their homepage and couldn't do it. In the intrusion protection logs we saw warnings, "WEB-MISC cross site scripting attempt".

"Disabling that rule (disabling SID=1497 in Network Security > Intrusion Protection > Advanced > Manual rule modification) allowed the customer to once again update his page. But, it seems to me that this is disabling a large chunk of Cross Site Scripting protection. Does anyone have a better way to allow FrontPage Extensions to do it's thing without disabling this rule?"

…haven't gotten a reply yet.

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