Astaro Security Update Woes

While installing an Astaro gateway we ran into some problems; it would not update itself to the latest firmware. The update proceeded well to a point, but then it just stopped. The system was stuck trying to update from version 7.202 to 7.300. After trying to use the built-in mechanisms for dealing with this (for about 3 hours) I finally googled it and came to a forum page that explains how to fix the Astaro 7.202 firmware upgrade to 7.300 problem.

In the end I think the real problem was that the download timed-out. To fix it we downloaded it from the ftp site and copied the update to the unit using SSH (Using WinSCP). From there we copied it into the /var/up2date/sys folder. After that we used the command suggested on the forum page above. Here's the command…
/sbin/auisys.plx –rpmargs –force
(I'm not sure the –force was necessary)
This was successful in updating to version 7.300. In fact, the command just kept going to perform all the updates. Now we have an updated Astaro. Beauty!


    • Astaro Internet Security on November 10, 2008 at 6:47 pm
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    Thanks for using Astaro. Sorry to hear you had troubles with the updates, but I'm glad you found the solution- as you discovered, users on the Astaro forum are a great resource.

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