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Doing math on a selection of cells in Excel

Why do I keep forgetting this? ┬áTo do math on a selection of cells in Excel (like making all the numbers negative for example) type the new number in a blank cell (-1 for this example), copy it select the cells you want to do the math to pick paste special pick the correct math …

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Time Change in Windows 2000

I know, I'm a bit late on this. Our Windows 2000 boxes just jumped the gun early once again because they think the time change is this week instead of next week. In the past, I've just went ahead and set them manually. But this morning I thought – "There has to be a fix …

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Attendance Enterprise Server Selection

To install Attendance Enterprise Server 1.0 at an outside location (not on the same network as the server) run the install as normal (if you try to log in you'll see it won't find the server so it will hang at the login prompt looking for it.)To fix this you: Open the registry on the …

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PMP Client not opening ads

Ok, If you get some crazy error from Adobe each and every time you try to open an ad thru the PMP client, it might be one of the Mediaspan plug-ins. Take the old ones out and put in a fresh copy!

Searching archive in Outlook 2007

Recently no matter what I searched for in my archive.pst file attached to Outlook 2007, I would get no results. Fix – there is a program called 'scanpst.exe' in program files somewhere (search for it) which is the "Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 Inbox Repair Tool". Point it at the .pst file and let it run. …

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Auto login domain user in Vista (or XP!)

Navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWinlogon Create new string value subkeys: DefaultUserName DefaultPassword DefaultDomainName Change: AutoAdminLogon = 1 If it exists, delete the AutoLogonCount key Remember, if you are not part of a domain, you can setup autologin by using the netplwiz command in the search box. (in XP type "control userpasswords2" in the run box)

Drobo trouble

Recently when trying to put in another disk (two, going to three) in a Drobo, the Drobo did not see the new disk. I had slots one and two filled so I put the disk in slot three. The LED next to the drive never lit up and the Drobo Dashboard did not show the …

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