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Scheduled Tasks are Crap. Yes, they are.

So, when you remove a computer from a domain and a user from the domain has a scheduled task on your computer, you can't delete the task anymore…at least not through the Task Scheduler interface. "Error message: The specified account name is not valid," is the error I was getting. The answer lives in the …

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Windows 7 as a file server

If you are using Windows 7 as a file server and get this error: "The server was unable to allocate from the system nonpaged pool because the server reached the configured limit for nonpaged pool allocations."  then make these changes: HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\LargeSystemCache key = 1 HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanServer\Parameters\Size key = 3 Found here (

Go away, Aero Shake!

It was cool the first time I did it, but since I accidentally trigger this frequently (because I use a trackball and not a mouse), it's not so cool. I was pleased to learn that you can disable Aero Shake. I learned about this on the How-To Geek site, where he has downloadable .REG files …

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Go away, Thumbs.db!

By default, Windows 7 RC creates Thumbs.db files on your network drives to store image thumbnails. Sometimes, in Windows Explorer, if you try to move a folder that contains images you get an error that says "The action can't be completed because the folder or a file in it is open in another program. Close …

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Mac: Doesn't play well with others. Doesn't Share. *UPDATED

Vista cannot authenticate when trying to attach to a file share (SMB) on our old 10.2 Mac Xserve. Fixing the problem involves weakening the security of Vista file sharing, but we're all friends here behind the firewall, right? I stole these instructions from z3r010 on 1. Open the Start Menu. 2. In the white …

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Stuck: Can't unpin some items in Windows 7 beta

Some items that I've pinned to the start menu in Windows 7 beta can't be unpinned. I found a blog post that details a workaround that deletse everything from the pinned menu; it's not an ideal solution, but here's it works. Delete the following from the registry: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerStartPageFavorites That's it.