Convoluted Matching using Expression Web and Excel

Today, I was able to take a list if the customer names and account numbers from a text file and associate them with the account numbers in an excel file. First, I filtered the list (accepting only lines with a "-" in them). replaced…
…in Expression Web. Then, I pasted that to a separate worksheet in the excel file. From there, in the excel's main worksheet I was able to use the following formula…
=IF(ISERROR(MATCH(A56,'Company Names'!B:B,0)),"",INDEX('Company Names'!A:A,MATCH(A56,'Company Names'!B:B,0),1))
What this does, is it returns the name of the company on the "Company Names" work book by matching the account numbers. It's quite convoluted, but it works. Break it down for yourself and you'll get it. Whew. That was fun.

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