Inadequacy of the Photoshop Tool Palette

Adobe, look what you made me do!

I have Photoshop CS3 here at work and I use it only once or twice a week. A problem I've run into is the fact that there's no way to display all the tools in the tool palette. Photoshop groups tools together so that the only way you can change the tool you're working with is to know what GROUP it's in. I have the icons of my favorite tools memorized, but I don't have their positions memorized on the tool Palette (which is apparently what Adobe expects you to do, memorize).

Why, OH WHY, can't I see all my tools in the Photoshop tool palette, Adobe?! When I go looking for the Paint Bucket Tool, I'm not looking for the Gradient Tool icon, so I pass over and over and over the toolbar looking for the bucket icon. Then I realize that it might not show up as a bucket. Then I curse Adobe and look for the gradient icon, and use that to switch to the bucket tool.

For those of us that don't work in Photoshop for 8 hours a day this is a huge annoyance. So I created a cheat sheet and placed it in a custom desktop background image. The cheat sheet is placed so that it's right next to the tools palette. It's inelegant, but it works for me.

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