RPC over HTTP (aka Exchange over https)

We were able to get exchange RPC working over HTTP today. We went through the rigamarole of setting it up by hand, and that took a couple hours. And it didn't work. I did a google search (I don't know why I didnt' do that before we started) and found new instructions. 
See, we had been looking at some msexchange.com or something website and following the instructions on there. I should have known better; always look at that Microsoft site first. If they don't have a step-by-step guide, then they don't want you to do it. Of course I found a guide, and the guide was a lot simpler because the process of RPC over HTTP is automated if you install service pack 1 (which we hadn't). Come to find out, there's a service pack 2 (how delinquint we are!). We installed that, followed the 3 steps that we had to follow, set up the client and we were good! It was actually a lot easier than I had imagined, once we went to the MS site for directions. Note to self: Always go to the Microsoft Knowledge Base First!

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