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Headless CrashPlan on Linux

It is possible to run CrashPlan (great backup software found here) on a Linux server that does not have a GUI. First, install it on your Linux box: tar xzf CrashPlanPRO_2010-03-08_Linux.tgz (or latest file) cd CrashPlanPRO-install sudo ./install.sh finish install with all defaults /usr/local/crashplan/conf/my.service.xml and change "servicehost" to "servicehost" and reboot. (you need …

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Naturally, this camera is crap

Quick intro: A friend recently had a duck take over his planter and use it as a nest for its eggs. So, he bought an IP camera. TheĀ Foscam fi8905w outdoor wireless IP camera has some nice features, but it needs a lot of hand-holding to make it work. You can control it through a URL-based …

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Ubuntu to Ubuntu – Replacing a web server

So, the old web server is acting slow and I don't know why. Solution? Move to a new webserver, and upgrade to the latest OS along the way. It needs to be upgraded anyway, right?! That's what I just did and here are the most valuable command line arguments for doing so: [RAW]tar -pcvzf www.tar.gz …

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Parsing web logs with grep

When trying to use a web access log analysis tool I found that it was incorrectly parsing logs for data from my site. (How do I know it was incorrectly parsing the data? Because it returned results saying that I'd received traffic at the site months before the site owner had even approached me about …

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Remove a directory: rm -rf

I've Googled this about 10 times now, maybe if I write it down I'll remember: The -r means recursive, and the -f means force; which means it will ignore the fact that the directory is full.

Samba: Meh.

I'll start by saying Samba is not as easy as it should be, even when it's fully set up and working, but it gets the job done, and SFTP gets so tedious after a while. Here's what I had to do to get it working. First, install it: apt-get install samba Next, edit /etc/samba/smb.conf and …

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There's inheritance, and then there's inheritance

…no, not the money kind of inheritance. I'm talking about the ownership and permissions in Linux. Linux permissions are tricky for a Windows guy like me. When I copy a file to a directory on a server I expect the file to inherit the permission of the containing folder on the server. Period. Why? Because …

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Pay no attention to that man at the terminal!

Pay no attention to that man at the terminal! He's not doing anything! (To clear Apple OSX terminal history) history -c

Launchd is the new cron, says Apple (iCal ain't so great at scheduled tasks)

One of our Apple servers is running an app that goes haywire if you don't reboot it periodically. So, I wrote an AppleScript to reboot the server, and created a recurring task in iCal to run the AppleScript every night. This worked fine for a few months but suddenly stopped working. A quick glance at …

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Forwarding email in Ubuntu

jjcv over in the Ubuntu forums taught me how to forward email to an external address: MAke sure you have a mail server installed…. something like postfix. Edit /etc/aliases added or edit an entry for root to forward email: root: myname@gmail.com Save the file. Run the program 'newaliases' which will update the aliase database and …

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