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Ubuntu to Ubuntu – Replacing a web server

So, the old web server is acting slow and I don't know why. Solution? Move to a new webserver, and upgrade to the latest OS along the way. It needs to be upgraded anyway, right?! That's what I just did and here are the most valuable command line arguments for doing so: [RAW]tar -pcvzf www.tar.gz …

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Automated IIS WordPress Installer from Microsoft

Now that I know how to do it, I'm getting fed up with LAMP as a web platform. I much prefer Windows. (What can I say? I'm a Windows guy!) And I recently stumbled into the Microsoft Web Platform Installer. It makes installing WordPress embarrassingly simple. Just run the installer and it does everything for …

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Moving a MySQL database

You just need a couple commands… then… This explains how to do it… http://www.clockwatchers.com/mysql_dump.html Enjoy

MySQL on Linux

MySQL is foreign to me, and this is really basic stuff, but here it is: I figured out how to access mysql on linux… mysql -h localhost -u username -p … it then prompts for the password. From there you "use collection_name;" to choose the collection_name databases, "show databases;" will…well…duh! "show tables;"