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OSX Lion Re-Install

I needed to wipe and re-install a mac mini that originally came with OSX Lion (10.7).  I noticed when I got it they no longer include the OS CD/DVD to re-install from which is fine – I'm ready to be done with optical media.  So, I looked online and it says you can download it from the …

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Simple way to add static routes to mac xserve

I have an AppleScript (saved as an application) that runs each time the xserve starts. In that AppleScript I have this code: do shell script "echo `cat /etc/security/admin_password` | sudo -S route -nq add" It works for me. (I know, this is a convoluted way to do this, but I could not figure …

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Can't push "Apply to enclosed items" button

If  the "Apply to enclosed items" button is grayed out on a mac (OSX) it is probably an ACL problem. To fix it – turn off ACLs on the troubled drive. sudo fsaclctl -p /Volumes/volumename -d

Pay no attention to that man at the terminal!

Pay no attention to that man at the terminal! He's not doing anything! (To clear Apple OSX terminal history) history -c

Launchd is the new cron, says Apple (iCal ain't so great at scheduled tasks)

One of our Apple servers is running an app that goes haywire if you don't reboot it periodically. So, I wrote an AppleScript to reboot the server, and created a recurring task in iCal to run the AppleScript every night. This worked fine for a few months but suddenly stopped working. A quick glance at …

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imac restarting

The other day I had an aluminum imac that was restarting(rebooting) itself out of the blue.  After a while it got so bad it couldn't even start up any longer.  It would start to boot and then restart and start to boot again.  So here's some Apple magic that fixed it. Reset PRAM and NVRAM: …

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Mac: Doesn't play well with others. Doesn't Share. *UPDATED

Vista cannot authenticate when trying to attach to a file share (SMB) on our old 10.2 Mac Xserve. Fixing the problem involves weakening the security of Vista file sharing, but we're all friends here behind the firewall, right? I stole these instructions from z3r010 on vistax64.com: 1. Open the Start Menu. 2. In the white …

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Quickly lock a mac

I have access to all sorts of secure devices at work. Therefore, I always lock my computer when I step away from it. In Windows I just press WIN+L. Macs lack that quick key combo. Here's my solutions: Set a hot corner to start you screen saver (and make sure the "Require password to wake…" …

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Share individual folders in Mac OS X using SharePoints

Hooray for SharePoints! OS X (workstation) does not allow you to share individual folders. So if the folder you want to share doesn't reside in your profile directory, you're out of luck. SharePoints allows you to share individual folders regardless of their location on your mac. It support AFP (Mac sharing) and SMB (Windows sharing), …

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Leopard has VNC built-in

As I went looking for a VNC client for mac I found a super-long tutorial about OS X Leopard's screen sharing. Apparently VNC is built into Leopard! To use it you just go to Finder and choose Go > Connect to Server… and then type… "vnc://[IP of your server goes here]" …and it'll connect you. …

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