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Clean install and activation with Windows 7 Upgrade key

Don't you hate it when you replace a hard drive, install a perfectly legal copy of Windows 7 Upgrade and then try to activate it and it says it can't be activated because it is a clean install?  Here's a fix that worked for me: Make sure there are no pending updates Change HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionSetupOOBE  MediaBootInstall …

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Setting up console session shadowing

I recently learned a new trick (thanks Richard…) and this is how to set it up.  To remote to a computer and then control the console session just type: shadow 0 To initally set this up you have to do the following: Open the Group Policy snap-in (Gpedit.msc). In the left pane, under the Computer Configuration …

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Yes, I think I will have an Ubuntu

After flirting with Windows as a WordPress server we've realized that, since we went to the trouble of learning Linux, it's now easier to use Linux. So, Everything is Crap is back to Ubuntu and it's delicious. Would you like an Ubuntu? You might want some milk to help wash it down.

Fixed slow Ubuntu in Hyper-V

So, Windows doesn't work well for WordPress. The more plug-ins I install, the more I realize that the world of WordPress is still a Linux-based world. We'll keep Everything is Crap on Windows because our needs are simple for this blog. But, in the future, all my WordPress are belong to Ubuntu. But, because Everything …

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Adding static routes in Windows

route -p add "network" mask "subnet mask" "gateway ip"  (adding the -p makes it persistent after reboots) Example: route -p add mask

Systeminfo is great

SystemInfo is included with Windows and is run from the command prompt. It gives you lots of useful information like that last time the computer was booted, what type of processor you have and how much RAM is available. Very useful.

Clear DNS cache in Windows

Here's a quick tip for when you're troubleshooting DNS stuff, but windows won't acknowledge your changes because the information is cached. (Bad, Windows, Bad, Bad!) ipconfig /flushdns Beauty!

Sharing from the command line

Messing with Hyper-V this week I came across a situation where I wanted to share a folder, and the Hyper-V only allows you to do so from the command line. So, here's the command I used: net share MyShareName=C:MyShareDrive /GRANT:MyDomainMyUser,FULL Put " around shares and/or folders with spaces.

Deleting a file with a space at the end (in Windows)

One of our users somehow managed to upload a file with a space at the end, which neither he, nor we, could delete. I googled it, and the answer is simple, but not obvious. Use a command prompt to delete the file using the short file name. A "dir /x" will reveal the short file …

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Refreshing Group Policy

A note for me: To refresh a machine policy just run gpupdate.exe