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Changing pfSense IPSec VPN settings

I realized there's not much about our pfSense on this blog and I guess the main reason is because they have been working very well for us.  I have run across one issue twice now so I'd like to document it so I remember it in the future. When changing the local network and reconfiguring …

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Changing network IP's with Talkswitch phones

When you need to change the network that a talkswitch system is running on, first change the talkswitch unit.  Then, you will need to go to each phone and change the TFTP Server setting (under Network Settings) to the new IP of the main talkswitch unit.  Then reboot the phones to have them grab a …

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iPad first look

Ok, first of all, this is not meant to be a full blown iPad review.  This is just a list of notes I made when I first got my iPad and tried it out.  FYI – I have never had an iPod or iPhone although I have played with them a bit.  I DO have …

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Setting up console session shadowing

I recently learned a new trick (thanks Richard…) and this is how to set it up.  To remote to a computer and then control the console session just type: shadow 0 To initally set this up you have to do the following: Open the Group Policy snap-in (Gpedit.msc). In the left pane, under the Computer Configuration …

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Talkswitch – networking units

To make one talkswitch a slave of the main talkswitch use a phone and call #02#. If you need to separate them at some point reverse it by dialing #01#.

Adding static routes in Windows

route -p add "network" mask "subnet mask" "gateway ip"  (adding the -p makes it persistent after reboots) Example: route -p add mask

Can't push "Apply to enclosed items" button

If  the "Apply to enclosed items" button is grayed out on a mac (OSX) it is probably an ACL problem. To fix it – turn off ACLs on the troubled drive. sudo fsaclctl -p /Volumes/volumename -d

imac restarting

The other day I had an aluminum imac that was restarting(rebooting) itself out of the blue.  After a while it got so bad it couldn't even start up any longer.  It would start to boot and then restart and start to boot again.  So here's some Apple magic that fixed it. Reset PRAM and NVRAM: …

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Add template page in WordPress

It's easy to make a new template that you can pick for certain pages on your WordPress blog. Write the code you want for your new page.  If you want to keep the same general look of the other pages and just make a small change, you can start with page.php (which should be in …

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Outlook Express data and address book locations

If you need to copy someones outlook data files (inbox.dbx etc) by default they are located here: C:Documents and Settingscomputer_usernameLocal SettingsApplication DataIdentities{DFF16927-88E6-4EAA-A097-460B7E65289B}MicrosoftOutlook Express To get the address book you'll find a file named computer_username.wab in: C:Documents and Settingscomputer_usernameApplication DataMicrosoftAddress Book