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Log file rotation in Ubuntu

Ubuntu handles log rotation with a utility called logrotate. By adding your own profile to /etc/logrotate.d (just follow the examples already there) the utility will rotate any logs you want. Who knew?

Naturally, this camera is crap

Quick intro: A friend recently had a duck take over his planter and use it as a nest for its eggs. So, he bought an IP camera. TheĀ Foscam fi8905w outdoor wireless IP camera has some nice features, but it needs a lot of hand-holding to make it work. You can control it through a URL-based …

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Hash tag location change causes reload in webkit

  Webkit browsers (Chrome, Safari, etc.) all show an annoying bug: When you have a frameset page and one of those frames sets the hash location, the whole page reloads. This doesn't happen in IE or Firefox, and has been submitted (and not rejected) as a bug in Webkit. But, the bug was submitted years …

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Random Posts in WordPress

Okay, there are plenty of places online with instructions on randomizing posts in WordPress; even WordPress tells how. But here's my version along with the code I used. Basically, I randomized the loop, and this required replacing the standard loop like this: Replace… with… That worked for me. (note: setup_postdata() prepares the $post array as …

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Curly quotes and WordPress permalinks don't mix

Curly Quotes

Sometimes curly quotes get copied and pasted into the title of our blog and WordPress just can't handle it. The problem lies in the permalinks and manually editing the permalink to get rid of curly quotes fixes it (but what a pain). In my search for an automated solution I discovered no hooks into this …

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Ubuntu to Ubuntu – Replacing a web server

So, the old web server is acting slow and I don't know why. Solution? Move to a new webserver, and upgrade to the latest OS along the way. It needs to be upgraded anyway, right?! That's what I just did and here are the most valuable command line arguments for doing so: [RAW]tar -pcvzf www.tar.gz …

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The trick to syncing multiple Google calendars on iPad

You have to specify which calendars to sync in Google; go here… I you want to know more, iPad Candy has a full walkthrough on using multiple Google calendars on i-devices.

Hard reboot for iPad

My iPad froze today. It looked like it was just asleep, but it didn't respond when I hit the home button. Holding the hold/power button (which is how you do a normal reboot) didn't do anything either. It was stuck good. Here's the trick I used to fix it: Hold both the home button and …

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How to find an email recipient in Active Directory

Ugh! Active Directory crap! 1. Open Active Directory Users and Computers 2. Right Click on your domain and choose "Find…" 3. On the advanced tab choose the field User > Proxy Addresses 4. Condition is "Starts with" 5. Value is "SMTP:the_beginning_of_the_email_address" 6. Click Add 7. Click Find Now Too hard. Too abstract. Why do you …

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If you want to use Sendmail, install it, dummy!

Right…I must have forgotten to install sendmail, because mail wasn't working for WordPress. First, to verify that sendmail wasn't working I ran this PHP script (thanks to <? // send e-mail to … $to="me@localhost"; // Your subject $subject="Test"; // From $header="from: your name <your email>"; // Your message $message="Hello rn"; $message.="This is testrn"; $message.="Test …

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