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It's not "stealing" (my new, stolen code wrapping technique)

I've heard it said that if you copy from only one source then it's called plagiarism, but if you copy from multiple sources then it's called research. Well, by researching Jeff Atwood's Coding Horror blog I found a great, simple way to frame code on Everything is Crap. First, the CSS: Then the Plugins… Raw …

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Weather Underground XML API

Weather Underground has a nice XML API to get at their data, and I recently used it to create a small weather page for my friend's new HTC Hero. This little page turned into a learning exercise for me on both the Weather Underground API and SimpleXMLElement in PHP. SimpleXMLElement: What a great way to …

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How to make phone-ready sites

Here's some helpful tags that make your page display better on those fancy new smartphones that everyone has but me 🙁 I stole this info on the meta tags you'll need for mobile webpages from iPhone Microsites. Adding the top two meta tags did the trick for me.

Yes, I think I will have an Ubuntu

After flirting with Windows as a WordPress server we've realized that, since we went to the trouble of learning Linux, it's now easier to use Linux. So, Everything is Crap is back to Ubuntu and it's delicious. Would you like an Ubuntu? You might want some milk to help wash it down.

Hyper-V integration for Ubuntu

Add the following to /etc/initramfs-tools/modules hv_vmbus hv_storvsc hv_blkvsc hv_netvsc Generate a new initrd image update-initramfs –u make sure /etc/network/interfaces is pointed at the synthetic network adapter auto seth0 iface seth0 inet dhcp Thanks RobbieCanuck and ServerFault

Fixed slow Ubuntu in Hyper-V

So, Windows doesn't work well for WordPress. The more plug-ins I install, the more I realize that the world of WordPress is still a Linux-based world. We'll keep Everything is Crap on Windows because our needs are simple for this blog. But, in the future, all my WordPress are belong to Ubuntu. But, because Everything …

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WordPress Uploads on Windows 2003/IIS6

I hit another snag moving WordPress to Windows 2003/IIS6; media uploads don't work. (Interestingly, this doesn't seem to be a problem with Windows 2008/IIS7.) The fix involves creating a temp folder, as Joseph Scott's blog explains: Edit upload_tmp_dir option in php.ini. In my case I created an uploads folder in the wwwroot: upload_tmp_dir = "c:inetpubwwwrootuploads" …

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mod_rewrite for IIS6 and IIS7

One of the most famous pains-in-the-neck associated with installing WordPress is getting the Apache mod_rewrite to work. It's not automatic. I've talked about mod_rewrite already in a previous post, but I recently moved to a Windows WordPress installation, and that changes things. In Windows Server 2008/IIS7, WordPress tells you what you need to do. If …

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Automated IIS WordPress Installer from Microsoft

Now that I know how to do it, I'm getting fed up with LAMP as a web platform. I much prefer Windows. (What can I say? I'm a Windows guy!) And I recently stumbled into the Microsoft Web Platform Installer. It makes installing WordPress embarrassingly simple. Just run the installer and it does everything for …

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IcoFX Rocks your Icons!

If you have big, fancy, transparent graphics and you want to make them into one of those fancy, new, Windows-7-style icons, then just go get IcoFX. Super simple. Highly recommended.