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WordPress Goodies!

We've been working with WordPress a lot recently and one thing we've discovered is that the WordPress plugin directory doesn't do a good job at pointing bloggers to the right plugins. So here's a list of a few of them that we have in use right now: underConstruction Author: Jeremy Massel This plugin displays a …

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Simple way to add static routes to mac xserve

I have an AppleScript (saved as an application) that runs each time the xserve starts. In that AppleScript I have this code: do shell script "echo `cat /etc/security/admin_password` | sudo -S route -nq add" It works for me. (I know, this is a convoluted way to do this, but I could not figure …

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Instant Eyedropper, for all your eyedropper needs

Instant Eyedropper is a handy little application that sits in the system tray. It allows you to grab colors from photos, webpages… everything on the screen. Find it here:

Pay no attention to that man at the terminal!

Pay no attention to that man at the terminal! He's not doing anything! (To clear Apple OSX terminal history) history -c

Launchd is the new cron, says Apple (iCal ain't so great at scheduled tasks)

One of our Apple servers is running an app that goes haywire if you don't reboot it periodically. So, I wrote an AppleScript to reboot the server, and created a recurring task in iCal to run the AppleScript every night. This worked fine for a few months but suddenly stopped working. A quick glance at …

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Forwarding email in Ubuntu

jjcv over in the Ubuntu forums taught me how to forward email to an external address: MAke sure you have a mail server installed…. something like postfix. Edit /etc/aliases added or edit an entry for root to forward email: root: Save the file. Run the program 'newaliases' which will update the aliase database and …

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My first cron job

I needed a way to backup MySQL databases every night. So, I made my first cron job. Ubuntu has a site that explains cron, crontab, and anacron in simple enough terms that even I could understand. I ended up using anacron. That means I made a script file and placed it in /etc/cron.daily. After a …

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WordPress just won't upload plugins like it should

I found plenty of people out there who have had this problem, where you try to install a new plug in and it asks you to enter your FTP credentials and says, "To perform the requested action, connection information is required."¬†Well, here's what I did to fix it. I added the following to wp-config.php: define('FS_METHOD', …

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Systeminfo is great

SystemInfo is included with Windows and is run from the command prompt. It gives you lots of useful information like that last time the computer was booted, what type of processor you have and how much RAM is available. Very useful.

Spell check trick with Firefox

Want to spell check an existing website? It's easy with Firefox. Just copy the javascript below, go to the website you want to spell check, paste the javascript into the address box and press enter. Your misspellled words will now be checked using Firefox's built-in spell checker. Here's the code: javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true'; document.designMode='on'; void 0