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Fortivoice External Extensions

To setup Fortivoice phones to work outside of the local network (through the internet) do this: Press the config button Press 3 – Phone settings Press 7 – Firmware update Press 2 – TFTP Server Put in the domain name or IP address reboot phone

Fortivoice power outage

IP phones will not work without power, but analog phones can. In the event of a power outage, FortiVoice 40, 70 and 100 systems have all calls get routed over line 1 to jack E4. If you have an analog phone connected to jack E4, it will continue to function.

Fortivoice extensions without physical phones

To add an extension that does not have a physical phone please do the following: 1-Log in/connect to the management software 2-Click Local extensions/Fax –> Add –> IP extension –> Fill the required fields –> Manufacturer leave it as Other –> Finish –> File –> Save. 3-Dial ** + ext. number to set a password …

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FortiVoice through pfSense

I had a hard time getting external extensions working through a pfSense using a FortiVoice system (used to be talkswitch).  I found you need to enable static ports on outgoing packets for the FortiVoice IP. Here's how to do it: Click Firewall -> NAT, and the Outbound tab. Click "Manual Outbound NAT rule generation (Advanced …

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