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Hyper-V with a Sandy Bridge processor

I setup a new Hyper-V server today and got this error when trying to turn on a virtual machine: <virtual machine name> could not initialize. There is a hotfix from Microsoft  ( that you have to download and install.

Hyper-V snapshots are cool!

Snapshots in Hyper-V are awesome. No more reinstalling from scratch to fix a boneheaded error. Take a snapshot before you do something dangerous (like messing with users or network settings). Then, no matter what happens, you can return to the EXACT POINT IN TIME from which you took the snapshot. More information about snapshots from …

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Installing Drivers on Hyper-V R2

We've been trying to set up a new network card on our Hyper-V R2 installation. GUI installations don't work. Luckily, there's a utility for that, pnputil.exe. Once we found the right .inf we were able to successfully add and install the network adapter driver.

Sharing from the command line

Messing with Hyper-V this week I came across a situation where I wanted to share a folder, and the Hyper-V only allows you to do so from the command line. So, here's the command I used: net share MyShareName=C:MyShareDrive /GRANT:MyDomainMyUser,FULL Put " around shares and/or folders with spaces.