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Switching from an IDE disk to an AHCI disk

If you just switch a hard drive from IDE to an AHCI disk in the BIOS, you'll notice that you will no longer be able to boot up Windows. (This usually comes into play when switching from a hard drive to an SSD.) BEFORE you do this, if you make these changes in the Windows registry, …

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Read only copy when opening Word file from network share

Trying to open a Word or Excel file off the network share we kept getting a message saying the file was locked for editing by another user and it asked if you'd like to open a read only copy.  Here's the fix: Change Word (or Excel) options (File -> Options -> Trust Center -> Trust Center …

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Hyper-V with a Sandy Bridge processor

I setup a new Hyper-V server today and got this error when trying to turn on a virtual machine: <virtual machine name> could not initialize. There is a hotfix from Microsoft  ( that you have to download and install.