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pfsense DHCP server not giving out IP's

Recently one of my pfSense boxes wasn't handing out IP's.  In the DHCP log it said: "There's already a DHCP server running". Here's how to fix it: Go to Diagnostics -> Command Prompt and execute this shell command: rm /var/dhcpd/var/run/ Make sure to restart the DHCP server once this is done (in Status -> Services) (thanks)

FortiVoice through pfSense

I had a hard time getting external extensions working through a pfSense using a FortiVoice system (used to be talkswitch).  I found you need to enable static ports on outgoing packets for the FortiVoice IP. Here's how to do it: Click Firewall -> NAT, and the Outbound tab. Click "Manual Outbound NAT rule generation (Advanced …

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