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Database too large for phpMyAdmin upload

In ‘/etc/phpmyadmin/’ change this line $cfg['UploadDir'] = '/etc/phpmyadmin/upload' Make a folder named upload in that location. Now in phpMyAdmin, you can pick files from that directory for upload. (found here:

Setup FastCGI on your web server to make PHP sing!

I was setting up the forums for the Pioneer, which are pretty much done, and I noticed that the forums were acting really sluggishly. It's a phpbb3 forum. I've used them before and they've seemed pretty snappy to me, so I figured our webserver, which recently got moved to a server with less resources (but …

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Enabling PHP5 on IIS6

This is a quick note for me so I don't forget how I did it (if I have to do it again in the future). PHP5 doesn't automatically enable itself on IIS6. You have to do it by hand for each website you create. The first step, and I'm not positive it's necessary, is to …

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PHP Notice:

I got an error when trying to move one of our old PHP sites to the new server: PHP Notice: Use of undefined constant php – assumed ‘php’ in… Basically it means that the php ending tag should be ?> and not php?> Thanks, ClickFire, for the PHP help