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Powershell Spamming Machine

Another scripting day…I'm now a spammer!  $MyReader = new-object     System.IO.StreamReader("C:message.txt"); $message = $MyReader.ReadToEnd(); $MyReader.Close(); #$message = Get-Content -encoding UTF8 -path C:email.txt    foreach ($user in Get-Content C:names.txt) {       $smtp = new-object           Net.Mail.SmtpClient("")        $smtp.Send("Me <>",          "$user", "Subject", $message)       } The script …

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(No title)

I made a PowerShell script today. It copies only the most recent file in one directory to another directory and e-mails me a simple status report. Let me show you the script… gci c:source | sort LastWriteTime -desc | select -first 1 |   cpi -dest c:destination -ea SilentlyContinue -ev copyerr if($copyerr.count -gt 0) {   $smtp …

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Perl scripts use ENV variables to store data

Today I learned that quries are sent to perl scripts thorugh environment variables. For example, the part of the URL past the ? is stored in the QUERY_STRING environment variable and can be accessed like this… $ENV{'QUERY_STRING'}