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On Master Pages and Visual Web Developer Express

Ugh, there's a bug in Visual Web Developer Express 2008, you need to open the master page AND HAVE THAT BE THE ONLY FILE THAT'S OPEN in order to open content pages that are based on the master page and use the "display" mode. Lame.

Apache Doesn't Start After System Restart

Linux web server restart problem… cd /etc/apache/ httpd -t httpd.conf [which websites are "missing", comment them out in httpd.conf] apachectl restart …Had a power outage today which means our linux web server went down. And, once again, the web server didn't start because it couldn't find all the web sites listed in it's config file. …

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Justification and Orphans with paragraphs displayed on the web

What do you know! You can fully justify text using CSS (text-align: justify). You can also control orphans (single words on a line at the end of a paragraph) by adding a <span> element and setting the white-space style to no-wrap (white-space: nowrap). Who knew! As a note, the Chicago Manual of Style is silent …

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