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Drobo Pro losing shares under Windows Server 2003

In order to make sure your shared folders show up consistently that are on the Drobo Pro, make sure you do this: At a command prompt, type: "sc config LanManServer depend= MSiSCSI" and press Enter. More info here:

Setup FastCGI on your web server to make PHP sing!

I was setting up the forums for the Pioneer, which are pretty much done, and I noticed that the forums were acting really sluggishly. It's a phpbb3 forum. I've used them before and they've seemed pretty snappy to me, so I figured our webserver, which recently got moved to a server with less resources (but …

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Windows Server Behavior

Here's a couple things that are easily-enough Googled, but I'm putting them here for my convenience anyway. If you don't want the server to require the use of CTRL+ALT+DEL, go here and enable this option… run gpedit.msc navigate to Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Local Policies > Security Options enable "Interactive …

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