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Scheduled Tasks are Crap. Yes, they are.

So, when you remove a computer from a domain and a user from the domain has a scheduled task on your computer, you can't delete the task anymore…at least not through the Task Scheduler interface. "Error message: The specified account name is not valid," is the error I was getting. The answer lives in the …

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Clean install and activation with Windows 7 Upgrade key

Don't you hate it when you replace a hard drive, install a perfectly legal copy of Windows 7 Upgrade and then try to activate it and it says it can't be activated because it is a clean install? ¬†Here's a fix that worked for me: Make sure there are no pending updates Change HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionSetupOOBE ¬†MediaBootInstall …

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Clear DNS cache in Windows

Here's a quick tip for when you're troubleshooting DNS stuff, but windows won't acknowledge your changes because the information is cached. (Bad, Windows, Bad, Bad!) ipconfig /flushdns Beauty!