Fixed slow Ubuntu in Hyper-V

So, Windows doesn't work well for WordPress. The more plug-ins I install, the more I realize that the world of WordPress is still a Linux-based world. We'll keep Everything is Crap on Windows because our needs are simple for this blog. But, in the future, all my WordPress are belong to Ubuntu.

But, because Everything is Crap, Ubuntu has problems too. Specifically, the shiny and new Ubuntu 10.04 Server running on Hyper-V R2 is unusably slow. But, just on the console. Attaching via SSH works as quick as ever. Anyway, here's the fix:

edit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-framebuffer.conf and add the following line:
blacklist vga16fb

This guy fixed the Ubuntu slow console frame buffer problem for Hyper-V and Ubuntu 10.04. Thanks guy!

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