It's not "stealing" (my new, stolen code wrapping technique)

I've heard it said that if you copy from only one source then it's called plagiarism, but if you copy from multiple sources then it's called research. Well, by researching Jeff Atwood's Coding Horror blog I found a great, simple way to frame code on Everything is Crap.

First, the CSS:


Then the Plugins…

Raw HTML capability by Janis Elsts
WP_CodeShield by Scott Sherrill-Mix

Wrap code section in…

[RAW]<code> … </code>[/RAW]

…and you're in business.

P.S. Incidentally, Jeff Atwood is the spiritual inspiration for the motto and title of this site, Everything is Crap. Years ago he helped me realize that all the code I ever wrote is crap and the best I can hope for is to make it less crappy as time goes by. Over time I've come to realize that most aspects of daily life are total crap as well, thus this blog was born.

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