Just made me a WordPress blargh

I've just installed a WordPress blog for the first time. It's running on Windows 2003 and IIS. It was kinda tricky to set up, but now that it's running it's very, very nice!

There's plenty of walkthroughs on how to do this, and here are some links to the ones I used.

Deserialized has the specifics on how to get FastCGI and mod_rewrite working before you proceed with your install of WordPress.

WordPress, of course, has their own set of instructions on how to install WordPress on your own server.

IIS Admin Blog has a lot more specific details about installing WordPress on Windows 2003 and IIS.

I know I'm late to the WordPress party, but I can't wait to start pushing the system to see what it can do. It may become my website building software of choice.

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