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Simple way to add static routes to mac xserve

I have an AppleScript (saved as an application) that runs each time the xserve starts. In that AppleScript I have this code: do shell script "echo `cat /etc/security/admin_password` | sudo -S route -nq add" It works for me. (I know, this is a convoluted way to do this, but I could not figure …

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Connect to a share from Applescript

More fun with mac scripting. There's a way to connect to a share on the network (mount/connect to a server if you're hopelessly lost in Mac-only parlance) using AppleScript: tell application "Finder" mount volume "smb://myserver.mydomain.net/myshare" end tell In my test, this code completed successfully, so it communicates with the Key Chain properly and finds the …

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