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Uncomplicated Fire Wall – ufw

A great simple firewall for Ubuntu is ufw. It might be running on your system right now: ufw status [verbose] …will tell you whether it's running or not. It's very easy to use. Here's a sample of some of the commands I used to configure the firewall. ufw enable …that's how you turn it on. …

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Linux Larnin'

I did a lot of Linux Larnin' today, here's some of it: Linux file permissions (traditional UNIX permissions) are very basic. You can set two owners, one user and one group, and then set access for the user, the group, and everyone else. That's it. So, in order to have a robust permission system you …

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Moving Linux to a new network

We moved our Linux box and brought it into our logical network. This meant changing the IP, default DNS and gateway. Luckily I found an excellent book excerpt about TCP/IP configuration in Linux that told me what I needed to do. Here's the steps we took in a nutshell: Used ifconfig to quickly change the …

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Linux commands

Note to self: To get a list of volumes and their free space from the Linux command line… df -h To get a list of all the running processes… ps -A

Apache Doesn't Start After System Restart

Linux web server restart problem… cd /etc/apache/ httpd -t httpd.conf [which websites are "missing", comment them out in httpd.conf] apachectl restart …Had a power outage today which means our linux web server went down. And, once again, the web server didn't start because it couldn't find all the web sites listed in it's config file. …

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MySQL on Linux

MySQL is foreign to me, and this is really basic stuff, but here it is: I figured out how to access mysql on linux… mysql -h localhost -u username -p … it then prompts for the password. From there you "use collection_name;" to choose the collection_name databases, "show databases;" will…well…duh! "show tables;"