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Automated IIS WordPress Installer from Microsoft

Now that I know how to do it, I'm getting fed up with LAMP as a web platform. I much prefer Windows. (What can I say? I'm a Windows guy!) And I recently stumbled into the Microsoft Web Platform Installer. It makes installing WordPress embarrassingly simple. Just run the installer and it does everything for …

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IcoFX Rocks your Icons!

If you have big, fancy, transparent graphics and you want to make them into one of those fancy, new, Windows-7-style icons, then just go get IcoFX. Super simple. Highly recommended.

Instant Eyedropper, for all your eyedropper needs

Instant Eyedropper is a handy little application that sits in the system tray. It allows you to grab colors from photos, webpages… everything on the screen. Find it here: http://instant-eyedropper.com/

Systeminfo is great

SystemInfo is included with Windows and is run from the command prompt. It gives you lots of useful information like that last time the computer was booted, what type of processor you have and how much RAM is available. Very useful.

HeavyLoad, from the makers of TreeSize (Both Free!)

I knew that Jam Software made the great little freebie application called TreeSize that will analyze folder and file sizes to tell you where all of the space on your hard drive is being used. But, I just found another great little freebie app from them called HeavyLoad. It stresses the RAM, CPU, Hard Drive, …

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Quick System Inventory Util

The How-To Geek strikes again with another great utility recommendation. This one does a short, fast, and to-the-point utility to get an inventory for a PC. It's very neat what it's able to tell you about your own computer.

Share individual folders in Mac OS X using SharePoints

Hooray for SharePoints! OS X (workstation) does not allow you to share individual folders. So if the folder you want to share doesn't reside in your profile directory, you're out of luck. SharePoints allows you to share individual folders regardless of their location on your mac. It support AFP (Mac sharing) and SMB (Windows sharing), …

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