Turnkey Linux

TurnKey Linux offers all the power of Linux with none of the hassle of setting it up. They have created install images for many popular setups. In fact, this blog is running on a TurnKey Linux install of WordPress. All we had to do was create a new virtual machine in Hyper-V, install from the .ISO image provided by TurnKey Linux, and then poke a hole in the firewall for the new WordPress server. The best parts:

  • It only took about 30 minutes to install
  • They have a super-easy front end application that allows you to easily change settings.
  • It works on Hyper-V
  • Oh, and did I mention, IT'S COMPLETELY FREE!

I don't think I emphasized that last bullet-point enough, so here it is again:


Now, if only setting up Active Directory and Exchange was so easy.


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