WordPress Goodies!

We've been working with WordPress a lot recently and one thing we've discovered is that the WordPress plugin directory doesn't do a good job at pointing bloggers to the right plugins. So here's a list of a few of them that we have in use right now:


Author: Jeremy Massel

This plugin displays a customizable Under Construction page. Works like a charm. The only problem is that WordPress sends the user to their dashboard after logging in. So…

Peter's Login Redirect

Author: Peter

This customizable plugin sends the user to the home page after logging in.

Dynamic Content Gallery

Author: Ade Walker, Studiograsshopper

A content slideshow that grabs your latest posts and makes a slideshow for your homepage. We use this plugin as a teaser with links to news stories. Configuration is somewhat cumbersome, but when it's set up it's a super-fancy way to make a content slideshow.

Slideshow Gallery

Author: Antonie Potgieter

Much like Dynamic Content Gallery, but focused more on displaying pictures rather than blog content. It has the ability to display post-specific galleries as a slideshow with a light-box. Very slick!

Smooth Slider

Author: Tejaswini Deshpande, Sanjeev Mishra

Yet another slideshow, but this one is mainly focused on text content. Perfect for sites with low graphical needs. Eye catching, but kinda cheezy. Still, it's quite useful!


Author: Extensoft

While this is neither a plugin, nor free, it is a great way to design WordPress themes in a hurry. It's a windows program that's laid out much like Microsoft Word 2007, complete with ribbon toolbar, so it's easy to understand and work with right away. It provides an easy starting point for WordPress blogs and is where we start when designing a new commercial blogs from scratch.

Page Menu Editor

Author: Sarah Anderson

One of the nice features of Artisteer is the vertical menu widget that comes with it. However, we noticed that some of our page names were too long and they were not wrapping or cropping nicely. This little plugin allows you to specify a short names for pages, so you can still have your long name at the top of the page, but short names will appear in your navigation.

Fast and Secure Contact Form

Author: Mike Challis

A customizable contact form that allows you to have multiple customized forms, drop-down recipient lists or subject lists and much more.


Author: Matt Mullenweg

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